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Social Proof & Omni-Channel Marketing


You’ve just arrived in a city — — a not so familiar one. You’re hungry and need a place to grab a bite. Here you found two restaurants. One is almost filled up with people and the other is almost empty.

Which one will you choose?

Chances are that you’ll likely choose the one with more people, right?

Your decision could be driven by some quick analysis you’ve done in your brain.

1) You think several people can’t be wrong.

2) There must be something special about the filled-up restaurant.

3) Maybe, their food is more delicious or something more interesting.

This is called social proof.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that allows you to reduce the fear in your customer’s mind when they are about to make a buying decision.

Social proof is one of the quickest, easiest, and most powerful ways of getting instant credibility to help you increase sales.

It’s an important tool you don’t want to overlook if you’re looking to gain exposure on your business!

Social Proof is gained by knowledge of your Business reputation, quality of your product and quality of your customer service .

Just this past weekend, I went to the Power of Influence conference in Calgary and one of the speakers, Joseph Khoja was talking about the 3 main ingredients you need when it comes to Modeling your business, or Mirroring your business based on someone that has a successful business in the same industry as you, and I got excited when he started talking about Social Proof, because I have it in this presentation.

What he said was the 2nd ingredient was the law of social proof. He said in the absence of any sense of guidance, we look to the environment and act accordingly. Meaning when we don’t know what to do, we seem to follow what everyone else is doing for guidance. The people around you and the environment you are in always influence how you make decisions whether you realize it or not!

So the first step in gaining Social Proof is the Acknowledgement of your business and the best way to get your business into your potential customers heads is MARKETING!

It’s all about getting your brand in front of the right customers, repeatedly. Its a big job, and we know as a business owner you’re busy getting your business off the ground and perfecting your product or training staff or any number of the other millions of things we have to do as business owners

We’re all about removing obstacles for busy entrepreneurs like yourselves by helping you with this IMPERATIVE part of your business.

Why is Marketing Imparitive?

Marketing serves an imperative purpose by enabling you to effectively grab the attention of your potential customers and to compete with your competition.


Promotes your products and Services, Creates Customer Awareness, Gives an edge over your competition, retains your existing Customers and Boost your Employee Morale.

When people ask your employees where they're working, the latter will likely feel better about their jobs if the reaction to their reply is, "Wow! I've heard a lot of great things about that store" instead of "Nope, never heard of it" or "Oh, are they still around?" Investing in an advertising plan keeps your business an active part of the conversational vocabulary and community buzz. This... is Social Proof.

Now marketing... it sounds easy right? Wrong!!

What is the undeniable truth about marketing?

At this point, the marketing landscape has been disrupted so much, that what was effective just a few years ago is now OLD!

While some businesses are on the cusp of the latest marketing trends, many others are still playing catch-up to what was hot a few years ago.

So many people believe that posting content to social media is all you needed to grow a following. Yes, social media is important for your business, however customer interactions come at a premium. If you aren’t wowing your customers with personalized content or starting a real conversation with them, partaking in community events with them, giving them something they can relate too and engaging with them on a personal level, you’re falling behind the curve.

So we know the undeniable truth, things are constantly changing with marketing, What is the solution?


What is Omnichannel Marketing?

“Omnichannel” is a term that gets thrown around in the marketing world, but it’s not just a buzzword. The best way to understand omnichannel is to compare it to the term “multichannel.”

In a Omnichannel marketing strategy, you set up various marketing touchpoints which reinforce each other to ease a customer through their buying journey.

Omnichannel is particularly important for the sole reason that according to Haskayne School of Business and the University of Alberta, over 70% of consumers use three channels (or touchpoints) or more on a regular daily basis.

For example, you may use social media as a channel to gain followers, and attract them to your website, where you may sell your products, and educate your customers further, then you may use print media as a channel to nurture leads and advertise promotions or sales, then you may partake in a community events or sponsor a local non profit organization or event, to show your involvement, and engage with your customers on a personal level and close the deal.

There are SO many different touchpoints you can use in your marketing strategy.

The combining form, “Omni,” means “all,” “of all things,” or “in all ways or places.” Simply put, an omnichannel marketing strategy means you create marketing touchpoints that work together on all available channels. At the very least, you create consistent touchpoints on all the most popular channels and the ones you know your customers use.

This could take you months of research and learning, it can get extremely overwhelming, not to mention time consuming, for a business owner who’s focus is RUNNING the business.

That's why you call me. Me and my fantastic team of incredible people can not wait to hear from you!

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