Most Popular Types of Websites

There are so many types of websites nowadays; sometimes it’s difficult to decide which type of design and approach is right for your business. Here is a breakdown of the most popular kinds of websites to help you make the best decision for your business needs.

1) E-commerce

An E-commerce website is an online store where people can your products and services off your site. From the comfort of their smart phone, tablet or desktop, from home or when they are over-seas on vacation... it works 24/7 from anywhere in the world. If you have products or services you would like to sell then this is definitely the way forward.

“Do you have a design in mind for your site? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more editorial style blog - there’s a stunning layout for everyone.”

You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your blog organized with Categories that also allow visitors to explore more of what interests them.

2) Blog

Writing a blog is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field and captivate your readers’ attention. Blogging gives you a voice, so let your personal life OR business’ personality shine through. Choose a great image to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement.

3) Basic Contact / Informational / Web Pressence

Information websites are ESSENTIAL to your business. Your website is your number one marketing asset because we live in a digital age. North Americans spend on average 23.6 hours online per week and are on their mobile devices for up to five hours per day. By now, consumers expect companies to have an online presence (including a website) and will consider a company that DOESN’T have one as less professional. People ARE searching for your business online. Are you there?

4) Portfolio

Ideal for showcasing your work, everyone from landscape photographers to fashion models have an online portfolio these days to show off their talent to potential employers.

5) Catalogue or Brochure

If you have a product or a service that does not require payment online, then an online catalogue or brochure will enable you to display what you have on offer and attract potential clients. Online brochures are a great idea for Dentists, Hair Salons, Bed & Breakfasts, Air BnB, Travel Agencies, etc.

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