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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Aleesha. I am a marketing expert with over 12 years experience in

providing administrative and corporate support to executives and entrepreneurs in

managing and handling their marketing campaigns. I also have 8+ Years of experience in 

Social Media Marketing and 10+ Years in Website design.

I have owned and operated a magazine the last 11 years (that averages 46,000 readers a month, btw), and just to mix it up a bit I also own and operate a very busy bar and restaurant. My main role is the marketing of course, which I would like to think helps make it as constantly busy as it is! ;)

I am available to come meet with you personally or work with you remotely - either way I have satisfied clients!

I use an more unique and mixed approach than most. I know that the undeniable truth is things are constantly changing in the marketing world. I follow "Social Proof" trends and I use "Omni-Channel" marketing as my strategy.

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